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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Football Transfers in Premier League of England.. and La Liga of Spain..

        English Premier League is widely considered to be the strongest football competition in the world and as such it is a real magnet for football fans everywhere. With Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal fighting for the title every single season, and clubs like Tottenham and Manchester City closing the gap behind the Big 4, every Premiership campaign seems to be even more interesting than the last.
Having said that, you will be glad to hear that English Premier League Transfers page will help you stay up to date with the latest football transfers from England's top flight, with even transfer fees shown where available. While the title rivals are looking to add few more quality players without upsetting the balance of the squad, the smaller sides and especially the promoted teams aim for quantity as well as quality, but you can rest assured that all soccer transfers will be shown in this section as soon as they have been officially confirmed.

  • Mathieu Flamini               
  •    Midfielder
  • France
  • Arsenal
  • AC Milan
  • Free

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